Winner of the 2017 Sarah Lawrence College International Audio Fiction Awards

Winner of 2 Gold Awards 2017 New York International Radio Festivals:
Best Drama BBC Radio 4 and Best Religious Documentary BBC World Service and Bronze (Arts Documentary BBC Radio 3 )

2014 NY Festivals Awards Silver Medal for documentary for the production of ‘Drone Pilots’ by Robert Myers which aired on BBC Radio 4 at the end of 2013. Starring David Rasche and Sarah Elmaleh.

Nominated for Drama/Readings Producer of the year by the Radio Productions Awards in the UK.

Tinniswood award for playwriting 2009. Louis Nowra highly recommended for Far North which I commissioned and produced.

Sony Radio Academy Nomination 2008 for The Veldt – radio drama BBC Radio 4

Sony Radio Academy Bronze award 2008 for Two Platforms – music feature BBC Radio 3

2006 Gold World Medal in the Culture and the Arts category of the New York Festivals awards for The Busker and the Diva

Gracie Allen American Women in TV and Radio award for best American radio documentary in 2005 and New York Press Club award for best radio documentary and New York Front Page award for best documentary and New York Festivals certificate for: Korean Sharing House, a co-production between Soundprint, WNYC, and Radio Netherlands.

1998 PRINDI Award for best documentary When the Shooting Stops – Chicago Public Radio.

Wilbur award for best religious radio documentary for Angels and America – Soundprint Media.

 "I really admire Judith's imaginative approach to her productions, her attention to detail and to getting the story right from both the contributor's and the audience's point of view."

—Jeremy Howe Commissioner Drama, BBC Radio 4

“Both as drama director and documentary producer Judith Kampfner manages to get to the heart of the stories she makes for radio. In the documentaries this is due to the gentle and yet searching interviews that form the basis of the narrative. The structure that her imagination then places on that narrative to make it a compelling 'listen' draws the listener deep into the lives and minds of the people involved.”

 - Richard Bannerman, Former Editor, Documentaries, BBC. Executive Producer, Ladbroke Radio.

Radio Clients
Radio Clients