Drama: Directing

Images: top: Russell Horton in It’s Better With Animals by Mike Walker, left: Stass Klassen, Michael Levi Harris (on floor) in Moscow Prodigal by Michael Butt, bottom: Louis Changchien, David Rasche and Katherine Powell in Warrior Class by Kenneth Lin. bottom right Oakham choir singing in The Pythagorean Comma and top right Jennifer Van Dyck in The Veldt.

Plays were Recorded at CDM studios (Charles De Montebello) and Scott Lehrer Sound Design

“I had the good fortune to work with Judith on two different BBC radio plays. She was a delight as a director/producer as she knew exactly what she wanted, but left lots of room for collaboration.

From Jennifer Van Dyck,
Actor Narrator Voice Over Artist

“I have had the distinct pleasure to work with Judith on several occasions for recordings with the BBC, and I can’t say enough about how wonderful she is a director and producer. The passion, persistence, precision, and sensitivity with which she approaches these projects is unparalleled. She brings the best out of the performers, and brings the best out of the material she works with. I am grateful to have worked with her, and look forward, I hope, to further collaborations in the future.”

Moti Margolin actor

Actors I have worked with on dramas and authors/celebrities I have directed to read their own work, include:


Josh Hamilton, David Rasche, Jennifer Van Dyck, Mike Daisey, Adam Gopnik, Simon Winchester, Michael Cunningham, Joyce Maynard, Alice Sebold, Simon Van Booy, Nathan Englander, Audrey Niffenegger, T.C Boyle, Tracy Letts, Amy Morton, Suzanne Bertish, Yasen Peyankov, Troy West, Marilyn Dodds Frank, Paul Lazar


Patrick Malahide, Robert Powell, Rupert Graves, Nick Hytner


John Gaden, Lucy Bell, Geoffrey Rush