Drama Profile

Photo: Greg Lord

Photo: Greg Lord

“Editorially adventurous, beautifully crafted plays.”

—Jeremy Howe, BBC Commissioning Editor

“The effect of Mike Walker’s adaptation was heightened by stunning sound design, meriting a special mention for producer Judith Kampfner.”

—Tom Robinson on The Veldt on Radio 4’s pick of the week

Executive Producer Radio Drama ABC Sydney

Director and Producer of radio plays commissioned from new playwrights ABC Sydney

Director and Producer of new plays for radio duration between 45 and 90 minutes on BBC Radio 3 and 4.

(see Radio pages with attached audio links)

Independent company Corporation for Independent Media chosen as drama supplier for BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Plays with guaranteed slots.

The Veldt – an update of Ray Bradbury’s story by Mike Walker nominated for Sony Award

One of 6 teams of producer, writer and scientist chosen to develop work sponsored by the BBC and the Wellcome Trust

Scriptwriter (see linked Writing page)

Directing, drama teaching, voiceover and narration see separate pages