“I can think of no one else who can produce science stories with that blend of story telling and sound that is the hallmark of memorable public radio.I have worked with Judith on a variety of science documentaries since 1996 when she first came to us with a story about the early space program in the United States. Another important reason Judith is able to convey science stories so well is because she works in a variety of radio media. She is an arts reporter~ a dramatist, and human interest features producer. The synergy between arts and science, can be quite powerful. Judith is able to transform complex ideas into an intimate, accessible experience for all listeners. That is one our major goals in public radio.”

Moira Rankin, President of Soundprint Media.

Space and Medicine
Soundprint Media

6 half hour shows.
How experiments in space can advance medical research into osteoporosis, balance, motion sickness, disorientation, sleep, heart disease and muscle atrophy.

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Foot and Mouth Disease
Soundprint Media

FMD (Foot and Mouth Disease) is feared among farmers. It can decimate herds. Even if animals recover, beef and milk production can be severely impacted. It is so contagious that draconian measures such as mass killings and burning of carcasses are often employed because vaccinations have only a short-term effect. We go to the UK, where the damage from an FMD outbreak is still fresh in farmers’ minds, and to South Korea, which has dealt with 5 recent outbreaks, and explore the drastic steps taken to keep America FMD-free.

The Bucket
Soundprint Media

When you lower a bucket into the ocean, from a pier or off the side of a ship, it may well seem to come up containing nothing but clear water. But scientists now know that every teaspoonful of that water can contain a hundred million tiny viruses. They differ radically in size, shape, and DNA blueprint — so much so that totally novel DNA keeps being discovered, with implications for anything from anti-aging creams to anti-cancer drugs and evolutionary science.

The First Astronauts
Soundprint Media

Part 1. The rocket sleds and hot air balloons that propelled space technology after the dogs and chimps had done their work
Part 2. Project Mercury In 1958, the United States made its initial steps towards the goal of manned space flight. Seven men were selected to be the first American astronauts to test the limits of human endurance in space. We talk to some of the men and women (who were eventually dropped) who were selected and trained to be among the first to leave the boundaries of earth.

The Truth Behind the Liar
Soundprint Media

How good are you at detecting lies? Lying is pervasive in everyday life, and researchers are learning fascinating things about how and why humans practice deception, and why lies can be hard to detect. How good are lie detectors? What can Prof Paul Ekman tell us about detecting lying in facial and body language? We learn about the scientific detection of lying, the psychological reasons why people lie, and why some people are afraid to lie.

Long Distance Medicine
Soundprint Media

Flying doctors over Kansas, technology to diagnose and examine patients virtually.

Forecasters of Farming
Soundprint Media

How do farmers, futures traders, scientists and policy makers forecast production? What have they relied on in the past, and how are the new tools, including satellite technology, creating better models? We look at the history, art and science of predicting agricultural production using space technology and climate modeling especially in the wine growing areas of California.