Two Platforms
BBC Radio 3

Sony Award Winner.

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The Pythagorean Comma
BBC Radio 3

The Pythagorean Comma aired on BBC Radio 3 in the experimental series The Wire with music by the celebrated composer Gavin Bryars and text by a writer I really admire, Blake Morrison.

The Federal Music Project

Five golden years under FDR’s watch when new compositions were commissioned and concerts staged all over the country. Debuting music found in the NY Library archives.

Baz on Broadway

How Baz Luhrman produced a popular La Boheme as a long running Broadway even and the story of his career.

Music Therapy
BBC World Service

How making music can heal.

Busker and Diva
Soundprint Media

A musical love affair.

The Soul of Steinway
BBC World Service

At the Steinway Factory in Queens, NY.

Songs and Their Lyrics
BBC World Service

A three part series about car songs, war songs and songs from Chinese movies and how peoples own experiences mirror the lyrics.