Human Interest

Burials Symbols and Doubt with Audrey Niffenegger
BBC World Service Heart and Soul

Audrey Niffenegger, author of Her Fearful Symmetry

A tour around Highgate Cemetery.

A Taste of Summer in America

July 1 – 5th  A Taste of Summer in America.

5 talks about formative memories of messy summer al fresco eating from Nathan Englander, TC Boyle, Simon Van Booy, Audrey Niffenegger and Susan Orlean for BBC Radio 3. Hot dogs to cookouts to corn on the cob.

There is a related audio slide show with wonderful video, specially shot to promote the series, from Mel Burford (with the voices of Simon Van Booy, Audrey Niffenegger and Susan Orlean)

on BBC radio news homepage


My Comfort Food
BBC Radio 3

Michael Cunningham, Adam Gopnik, Joyce Maynard, Simon Winchester and Alice Sebold read memories about mac and cheese, cheesecake, popcorn, pies and peanut butter.

Learning to Lose
BBC World Service

Olympians talk about how they did or did not handle big losses. With slam poet Marshall Soulful Jones linking their stories with a special poem. Listen here.

The Business of Personality
BBC World Service

Personality testing in the workplace, school, online dating world and home. Listen here.

Who’s Got the Dog?
Soundprint Media

Divorce affecting the extending family.

Building Blocks
Soundprint Media

Racial education in a juvenile jail.

Café Culture
Soundprint Media

Harvesting the bean in Costa Rica.

Nike Behind the Berm

The history of the company in Porland, OR.

On the Streets of Chicago
BBC World Service

In a patrol car.

The Birthday Suit
Soundprint Media

Nudist beaches and clubs.

When the Shooting Stops
BBC World Service

A young “gut cripple” the victim of 16 bullets in Chicago.

Every Tree Tells a Story
Soundprint Media

Urban and community gardens in London and NY.

Citizenship Diary

The mixed feelings of the dual citizen. What it’s like to be a newly minted American.